About GLS

The GLS campus is home of the GLS German Language School, honored as Star School Germany 5 times, i.e. as one of the best language schools in Germany. Some of the world´s top companies, including Ebay, Rolls Royce, Fendi and Deutsche Welle TV, train their staff with GLS in Berlin.

Every year more than 6000 students and professionals from up to 70 countries learn German with GLS.


GLS German Language School


The GLS campus re-establishes a historic block of buildings, built in 1898 and consisting of a school and public baths (see sketch below). 

The public baths were closed in 1986, the original school in 2004. GLS then purchased the buildings in order to translate its vision into reality: a language school offering on-site accommodation and functioning as an international meeting point for people from across the globe.

Then & now

The campus as it looked like in 1898 and how it looks today: