Historic Baths turned into a boutique hotel

Historic Baths

Under monument protection

The historic baths - now converted into a boutique hotel - are the most spectacular buildings on the GLS campus: a Berlin landmark under monument protection.

This landmark building of historic significance offers a gorgeous setting for your event.

The historic Pool-hall

Especially the cathedral-like pool hall is an absolutely spectacular event location for galas, concerts, parties, photo sessions, weddings and press conferences.

A hydraulic lifting platform will make you walk on water, you can meet, dance, celebrate on water ...

The technical equipment is excellent, with WiFi and audio-visual systems.

Hotel Oderberger

The wings flanking the historic pool hall accommodate Hotel Oderberger, one of the finest boutique hotels in Berlin. 


Hotel Oderberger Berlin


Video-performance in the historic baths by artist Johanna Keimeyer 

Dancer Corey Scott-Gilbert performing in the historic baths (during renovation works by GLS)


Berlin architect Ludwig Hoffmann drafts the baths in 1898. At that time Berlin is growing rapidly and schools, baths etc. are needed.


Opening as public baths

WW II ends, the baths are still functioning

The baths are closed due to damages in the basin, and they remain closed for 30 years

The Berlin Wall falls, a citizens' initiative prevents the demolition of the baths

Artists use the baths for art shows

The Berlin senate sells the baths to the GLS German language school 

GLS starts renovation works